Fragrance UV Serum

It contains many moisturizers. It moisturizes and firmly blocking strong UV while moisturizing your skin.
Effect;SPF50+/PA++++, Waterproof type
Moisturizing ingredients; Seven botanical ingredients, hyaluronic acid, collagen, vitamin C
Additive-free ingredients; Paraben free, Mineral oil free, Colorant free, Alcohol free

効果:SPF50+/PA++++, ウォータープルーフタイプ

Fragrance UV Spray

It is a UV cut spray you can use it for the entire body from hair to body.Also, you can use it from above the face makeup.
Effect;SPF50+/PA++++, Waterproof type
Additive-free ingredients; Paraben free, Mineral oil free, Colorant free, Alcohol free

効果:SPF50+/PA++++, ウォータープルーフタイプ

Eau de cologne

To important you.
A small and pretty package eau de colognes with a lot of fragrance.
There is a lot of scent from a sweet scent to a fresh scent.
It is also recommended for Gift.


Eau de toilette

Eau de Toilette that continue fragrance than cologne. It is small size you can insert into pouch so, it is convenient to carry. We recommend for you who want to enjoy a longer fragrance.


Crayon de parfum

It is a crayon-type fragrance that spreads its scent at body temperature.
It's small and convenient to carry, so you can put your favorite scent in your pouch. It wraps you in a gentle scent whenever.


Body Sheet

It is a body sheet that wraps you up with a refreshing feeling like taking a shower and a gentle scent.
It can be used for arms, neck, chest, back, legs, etc., and you can wipes off odors and sweat that you concern.
Since it blends a powderly, so it is not sticky and it is a smooth finish.


Body Balm

A body balm that delicate particles shiny on your skin and hides stains and dullness.
At the time of going out, you can create beautiful skin just by applying one coat to your arms, decollete and legs.
You will be happy when you wearing a dress or a skirt at your spring trip and summer skin exposure.



Roll-on type deodorant that suppresses unpleasant odor just by painting.
Since the powder is contained, the skin after use becomes smooth.


Fragrance Nail

It is a gel type nail color that gives gloss to your nails. It has a cute charm.


Fragrance body scrub

Sugar scrub that gently removes old horny while melting on your skin.
Since it includes six kinds of plant-derived ingredients, your skin become more moist and smooth. You can get a smooth skin with moisture if you massage your skin gently in a bath.


Fragrance body frozen

Cool body gel with cool feeling like sherbet.
Cool feeling ingredient and three kinds of moisturizing ingredients formulation cool and moisturize your skin sweaty.
You can use it not only for taking a bath, but also on the go.


Hair Mist

It is a hair mist that gently wraps your hair with scent and moisture. Many moisturizing ingredients repair hair damage and lead to beautiful hair.


Stick parfum

A solid perfume like a lip color. Since it is cute design and small sizes,
so we recommend to gift for your precious one.


Hand Cream

This is a hand cream that gentle on the hand skin with paraben free.It will lead to a soft and moist your hand skin and a gentle scent wraps your hand.


Body Cream

Body cream wrapped in moisture and gentle fragrance.It is no sticky with a solid feeling, also it blends five plant oils and leads your skin to soft skin.


Home Fragrance

It is decorated with various scents and designs, and directs the room to a different atmosphere than usual.
Also, since it has a big ribbon, so we recommend it to gifts for your precious one or for myself!