Pikake aulii

Pikake means 「Jasmine」, Aulii means 「Elegant」.
Exchanging words, staring each other, and kissing…the anticipation of the sweet and tantalizing love.
Pretty flowers of pikakes (jasmines), fruity aroma and vanilla are delicately blended in harmony.

Pikakeは「ジャスミン」、 Aulii は「優雅な」。
言葉をかわす、見つめる、キスする 心が甘くとろけるような初々しい恋の始まりをイメージ。可憐なピカケ(ジャスミン)の花々とフルーティー、バニラが繊細に調和します。

Halia nohea

Halia means 「Memories」 , Nohea means 「Cute」.
It stirs a girl’s mind just like a fantastic and cute fairly tale full of joy.
Keeping its feminine impression as is, floral, fruity and amber fragrances mix and spread.

Haliaは「思い出」、Nohea は「可愛い」。