AKURA Limited Edition 2019.JAN

ho-ho-Holiday Gifts

This time only popular gift!

Lipstick-like Perfume!!

Let's enjoy the holiday with a new perfume like lipstick!

Eau de cologne

Pretty package and the cologne with small size I tend to carry around.

Eau de toilette

We recommend for you who want to enjoy a longer fragrance.

Fragrance Hand Cream

It will lead to a soft and moist your hand skin and a gentle scent wraps your hand.

Fragrance Body Cream

Body cream wrapped in moisture and gentle fragrance.

Fragrance Body Butter

It is a winter must-have item where coldness is severe.

Home Fragrance

Directs the room to a different atmosphere than usual.

Pikake aulii

The most popular scent.

Halia nohea

Our recommended scent.