Fragrance Shampoo & Treatment 恋する髪 OHANA MAHAALOからついに登場!!


To you who never want to tan in this summer.

Eau de cologne

A small and pretty package eau de colognes with a lot of fragrance.

Eau de toilette

We recommend for you who want to enjoy a longer fragrance.

Crayon de parfum

This is not a crayon for drawing.

Body Sheet

Cool down & moisturize your skin with a single wipe.

Body Balm

You should want to show your beautiful skin to your around.


Roll-on type deodorant that suppresses unpleasant.

Fragrance NailFragrance Nail

The scented nail colors make your everyday life more fun.

Body Scrub

Sugar scrub that gently removes old horny.

Body Frozen

Cool body gel with cool feeling like sherbet.

Hair Mist

Every time your hair shakes, it smells gently.

Stick Parfum

Let's enjoy the holiday with a new perfume like lipstick!

Hand Cream

It will lead to a soft and moist your hand skin and a gentle scent wraps your hand.

Body Cream

Body cream wrapped in moisture and gentle fragrance.

Home Fragrance

Directs the room to a different atmosphere than usual.